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Why should you support small breeders and hatcheries?

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Better Breeding

Instead of offering a hundred breeds most small hatcheries focus on a select handful, improving vigor, breed standard, and flock health.

Buy Local

Support small businesses and members of your own community by connecting with poultry and waterfowl owners right in your neighborhood.

No Shipping

Grow your flock without shipping live animals by picking up your new chicks  locally.

Buy Hatching Eggs

Searching for rainbow eggs, or a specific breed that you can't find locally? How about purchasing hatching eggs! A safer option than shipping live birds, and you get an amazing experience hatching your own! 

Shipping Small Is Better

Small hatcheries often offer better shipping for live birds.  They pack animals with attention to detail - more food, heat, and faster shipping. Which means your birds have the best chance at arriving safely to you!

Help When You Need It

Keep in contact with breeders to ask questions, share photos, and support the health of your new flock members.

Build the poultry community and create friendships.

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Blog Posts & Articles

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